At Goodview our regular customers have come to count on us for introducing the latest promotional items that we can find or create. Our rubber ducky line grows every year as a “high tech” duck joins the “King of Rock-N-Roll” duck. Goodview’s rubber ducks have most of the professions represented. They are sources of pride and pleasure to the employee who has one sitting on his or hers desk. Even grown up executive types love ducks holding computers, cell phones, or umbrellas. Imagine a yellow duck with a life preserver around its neck in your safety program or a snowboarding duck as a keepsake. Picture a baseball duck wearing stars and stripes as a giveaway for the 4th of July. Goodview has ducks, whales, hippo’s, and frogs that appear in hotel’s, tradeshows, and convention centers. Who can resist a cute little ducky or a big eyed fish? Let’s face it – people love animals and if Goodview does not already have it, let’s talk about producing it!

Beach Balls in the Winter!
Smiles and giggles will be a part of your special program or celebration when you use our beach balls at your special events. From our smallest 4” size to our super 48” inflatable beach balls, crowds love to toss around our glow in the dark or confetti beach balls at concerts, outings, and sports events or company picnics. Our patriotic balls have many variations on a theme for commemorative days. Goodview balls are high quality vinyl and always have safety nozzles. They can soar overhead showing your logo to all.

Beach Balls with Danglers!
Have you ever seen a company logo on an island floating inside of a beach ball? We can place your logo on a square, rectangle, star or almost any shape you can design yourself inside of one of our clear transparent balls. They have the look of expensive custom balls but are affordable and quickly turned around.

Create your own ….
So you want to reward someone with a gift? How about a University mascot of a rubber dog with a safety vest and a hardhat in the University’s school colors? Yes, Goodview has made such a lovable pup to meet a special need for a college. Who wants a drab hippopotamus sitting on a desk when you can customize any item that we carry or even custom your very own product that you envision. Even more, we are able to fashion the bag of your dreams within 3 weeks. Turning an idea into a manufactured product is our challenge. It is also our chance to show you our talent, professional attitude and capabilities as well as our excellent services throughout your entire order!

Tote /Messenger/Cooler Bags & More!!
Do we do bags? Yes we do! Not only do we manufacture them but we are able to do complicated imprints of 12 spot colors or 4 color process logo’s. Our imprints are high quality to reflect the craftsmanship of our various styles of carriers. With trade show badge holders, cosmetic bags, foldable totes, Goodview has widened its range in style and will continue to widen our range to stay up to date with the styles that everyone loves and wants. Our line includes basic carry-alls as well as the latest in style clutch pouches or “body hugger” backpacks. Need to advertise at trade shows, conventions, travel or educational events? Goodview will make your message look appealing on your nicely designed bag.